If you’re looking for a cash-only music venue in the Bay Area, consider Peri’s Tavern. You’ll love the outdoor patio and long-running live music. The music is usually acoustic and the vibe is casual. Don’t miss the demo. You’ll find plenty of local musicians and a great crowd. The Blue Note Café is another longtime favorite, and open-mike nights are a highlight.

Peri’s Tavern

Peri’s Tavern in Fairfax California is a community treasure. Founded in 1948, the building and bar have been in the Peri family for 75 years. The family has operated the restaurant in the same location since its opening, and it is now a fourth-generation business. It has been serving the community of Fairfax for 25 years, and the entire Bay Area for nearly a century. It is a local favorite and is a must-visit stop for all music lovers.

Peri’s Silver Dollar

In Fairfax, California, a neighborhood bar known as Peri’s Tavern is a gathering spot and mainstay business for the community. The pub has an old-world vibe while also bringing in the latest trends. The location offers an ambiance that is both welcoming and comfortable, and on the weekends, it’s the place to be. Located among the redwoods at the foot of Mount Tamalpais, Peri’s Tavern is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Peri’s Tavern patio

Known for its casual atmosphere, the Peri’s Tavern Fairfax California patio is a fun and relaxed hangout. The café features open-mike nights and long-standing live music. With live performances on the patio during the warmer months, this spot is a great option for live music enthusiasts. The Blue Note Café is also a favorite among music enthusiasts with its relaxed atmosphere and patio. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors and catch the latest in local music.

Peri’s Tavern is a cash only music venue

Peri’s Tavern in Fairfax California is an old standby that has been in operation for decades. It offers open-mike nights and a cozy atmosphere. It is a cash-only venue, so no credit cards are accepted. Live music in this cash-only venue is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. There are no cover charges and the sound system is top notch.

Peri’s Tavern was put up for sale after COVID lockdown

When a COVID lockdown was announced, many people were concerned for the future of the beloved Fairfax bar, Peri’s Tavern. It had been a favorite among locals alike for decades. However, the bar was closed down after the COVID lockdown, and it’s now on the market for sale. The bar’s owner, Jonathan Korty, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to try and save the business. Within a few weeks, the campaign has raised more than $35,000, mostly through small donations. He’s stayed positive and keeps the hope alive.

Peri’s Tavern hosts concerts for a wide range of genres

During the warmer months, you can catch live music at Peri’s Tavern in Fairfax. The roadhouse-style bar offers beer pitchers, karaoke, and a stage large enough to hold a full-length concert. The cozy atmosphere and live music makes Peri’s a popular venue for local musicians. Live shows are held every night, and many musicians perform at the venue.

Peri’s Tavern is a great place to meet friends

Peri’s Tavern in Fairfax, California, is a true original. The building and bar in Fairfax CA were built in 1948 and have been in the Peri family for over 75 years. The fourth generation has been running the pub for 25 years and has been serving the Fairfax community and the Bay Area for almost 100 years. Peri’s Tavern is a great place to meet friends and make new ones.